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Reign Testimonies


These Reign Pads were surprisingly very comfortable with no plastic-like feel as pads I''ve used for years prior.  At some point in my use it was so comfortable that I forgot I had it on!  These Reign Pads exceeded my expectations and I truly enjoyed them and recommend them to any and every female to use!

~Erica Cumbo, Lawrenceville, GA

Singer, Songwriter, Entreprenuer, Minister

Reign Pads have helped me so much!  After the first day of using them they felt so comfortable I didn't even remember that I was on my cycle!  The pads definitely help with pain and making the menstrual cycle easier to cope with.  I thank my Dad for, as we young people say, "putting me on" and I love the movement and what the Ambassadors stand for in regards to keeping women healthy and uplifted.

~Alaysia, Atlanta, GA 

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These Reign Pads are amazing!  I've never felt so comfortable, free, and light with a pad on until I was recommended Reign Pads.  They are very thin, unnoticeable, soft and absorb

wonderfully.  No other pad I've ever tried can compete.

~Corina, Lithia Springs, GA 

 I was skeptical in using Reign Sanitary Pads because there have been many claims about other pads that I have used and they were false!  But the true value of Reign Sanitary Napkins is the mission.  The pads have kept me dry, odorless and secure during the most sensitive time for me.  I have confidence in Reign and will proudly   share the mission with all!  Protect the most precious jewel in the world, You!

~Tinamarie, Brooklyn, NY

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 Hi my name is Victoria and my testimony about the Reign Pads is that they are comfortable and I can barely feel that it's there as well as having a stronger absorbency than the pads I have used in the past including Always and Solimo Pads.

~Victoria, Jonesboro, GA

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