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To positively impact the lives of girls and women around the world by providing a solution that will revolutionize the menstrual experience,

usher in a new era of comfort, confidence, and dignity, and help to end their silent suffering.

Welcome to

The Reign Experience!


Justice For My Jewel Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness by informing both teens and women globally who suffer monthly in silence with pain, heavy bleeding, unhealthy menstrual cycles and the potential toxicity of tampon use.

Our goal is to bring light to a taboo subject for female cycles that has silenced females from all cultures to speak out.

Our platform will educate females on the important roles of keeping a healthy cycle by encouraging getting active, healthy eating, healthy product choices and community awareness events. The silent suffering stops with the voice of our campaign.

Protect The Most Precious Jewel In The World. You!

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A virtuous woman is described as a woman whose price is 'Far Above Rubies’.  She is a woman who cannot be bought with any currency in the world; no price can be placed on her. An absolute description of a virtuous woman can be found in the bible (Prov. 31:10-23). Suffice to say, she is an embodiment of glory and light. She radiates grace, beauty, honour and she is very hard working.

Far Above Rubies Global is a women's health initiative purposed to share the awareness of the correlation between the issues that girls and women alike encounter during their menstrual cycle and the use of commonly purchased, highly popular, yet highly toxic store-bought-brands of sanitary napkins and tampons.

Through educational awareness, Far Above Rubies has partnered with the Justice For My Jewel Campaign at the forefront of this "Menstrual Revolution" to bring a restoration of virtue, value, and worth that for many has been lost for far too long.  Reign Premium Sanitary Napkins is the brand that is ushering in this

"Menstrual Revolution" to save our women's lives and bring them "Justice"!

If you're a woman reading this, know that you "ARE" the apple of GOD's eye, that you "ARE" valuable and full of virtue, that you "WERE" created to reign in life, and you deserve to be protected.  Your time to reign is here, your time to reign is NOW!  Your worth IS "FAR ABOVE RUBIES"!

- Clarence L. Thomas III, Founder and Awareness Ambassador

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Proverbs 31:10 MEV

"Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is

'Far Above Rubies'."

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